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  • How to Use a Wax Seal in Gift Wrapping

    Wax seal stamps can be used in a variety of ways, gift wrapping being one of them. This post includes a tutorial of how you can use a wax seal stamp, flowers, and ribbon to elevate your gift wrapping.
  • How to Create Wax Seals in Bulk

    Whether you are wax sealing wedding invitations, holiday cards, or anytime you need to create a large amount of wax seals, you should use a wax sealing glue gun. Wax sealing glue guns melt the wax for you, instead of melting the wax over a candle, which saves quite a bit of time. 
  • How to Clean a Wax Melting Spoon

    A tutorial of how to clean the wax melting spoon that comes with your wax seal stamp kit.