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  • Shop Our Summer Collection

    It's officially Summer! We just launched our Summer collection which represents all of the best things about Summer; fresh squeezed lemonade, strawberry picking, and a nice juicy piece of watermelon at a cookout. Check out this post to see a preview of our Summer collection of wax seal stamps, wax seal stamp kits, and sealing wax.
  • Types of Sealing Wax and How to Use Them

    There are three different types of sealing wax; wickless wax sticks, wax beads, and glue gun sticks. This post will explain each type and help you determine which type of sealing wax will be best for your project needs.
  • How to Use a Wax Seal in Gift Wrapping

    Wax seal stamps can be used in a variety of ways, gift wrapping being one of them. This post includes a tutorial of how you can use a wax seal stamp, flowers, and ribbon to elevate your gift wrapping.
  • How to Create Wax Seals in Bulk

    Whether you are wax sealing wedding invitations, holiday cards, or anytime you need to create a large amount of wax seals, you should use a wax sealing glue gun. Wax sealing glue guns melt the wax for you, instead of melting the wax over a candle, which saves quite a bit of time. 
  • How to Clean a Wax Melting Spoon

    A tutorial of how to clean the wax melting spoon that comes with your wax seal stamp kit.
  • Build Your Own Wax Seal Stamp Kit

    A wax seal stamp kit is everything you need to get started with wax sealing; a wax seal stamp, sealing wax, a wax melting spoon, candle, and instruction card. You can customize your kit by choosing what wax seal stamp design and sealing wax color that you’d like.
  • Easter Snack Mix

    A fun snack mix to make for Easter for a classroom treat, neighbor, friends, or bring to an Easter gathering with your family.
  • Shop our Spring Collection

    The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the birds are chirping. Check out this post to see a preview of our Spring collection of wax seal stamps, wax seal stamp kits, and sealing wax.
  • Watch Modern Legacy Paper + Gifts on New Day Cleveland!

    We were recently featured on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland! We were so honored to be featured. In this post, I'll be sharing some behind the scenes footage, what the overall process was like, and of course a link to our segment!
  • Visit our Brick & Mortar Storefront, Modern Legacy Paper + Gifts!

    I'm sharing all of the details of how our brick & mortar storefront, Modern Legacy Paper and Gifts became a reality! The storefront is an extension of our online shop, Modern Legacy Paper Co and features a curated selection of gift items in additional to our wax seal stamps and stationery products.
  • How to Simplify your Holiday Cards

    Three tips to simplify sending and receiving holiday cards; save all addresses in one place, invest in a return address stamp, save all of your holiday cards with a binder ring. 
  • Modern Legacy Paper Company Rebrand

    The details behind the name, product packaging and where we're going with our rebrand from Seville Lettering Company to Modern Legacy Paper Company.