Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit
Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit
Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit
Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit
Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Turtle Wax Seal Stamp Kit

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The turtle design is hand drawn, digitalized, then etched into the brass stamp face. This design is unique to Modern Legacy Paper Company, you won't find it anywhere else!

Product features:

  • Hand drawn turtle stamp design 
  • Kit includes everything needed to create a wax seal (wax stamp, sealing wax, wax melting spoon, and candle)
  • Wax stamp has rosewood handle and 2.5 cm brass stamp face
  • One jar (approx. 175 beads) of durable sealing wax
  • Wax melting spoon to easily pour wax onto project 

Wax seal stamps can be used for a variety of projects and crafts. Most commonly, they are used to seal greeting cards. However, they can be used in gift wrapping, scrapbooking, wedding stationery & decor, and product packaging. For creative ideas of how to use your wax seal stamp, check out our blog.

How to Use the Wax Seal Kit:

  1. Gather supplies needed (everything included in kit): wax sealing stampsealing waxwax melting spoon, candle
  2. Melt sealing wax by placing three wax beads into the wax melting spoon, hold over a candle to melt wax
  3. Pour hot wax onto project surface (find a list of ideas here)
  4. Press wax seal stamp into hot melted wax, allow wax to cool* (approx. 15 seconds)
  5. Remove wax seal stamp to reveal final design

*if wax seal stamp sticks to wax, let cool for longer to allow wax to completely set

Item includes: One (1) turtle wax seal stamp, one (1) jar of sealing wax beads, one (1) wax sealing spoon, one (1) candle

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