Modern Legacy Paper Company Rebrand

Modern Legacy Paper Company

We are really excited to announce our rebrand from Seville Lettering Company to Modern Legacy Paper Company! Here are a few more details behind the name, our new product packaging, and where we're going. 

Modern Legacy Paper Company

Behind the Name 

We attend quite a few craft shows and markets (currently on hold due to COVID-19). It's so fun to meet so many of our customers in person! One of my favorite things was when people would stop into our booth and share that they remembered their grandma having a wax seal stamp or they personally had one when they were younger.

It got me thinking of what people remember about us and that most times it’s the small details, the things we think go unnoticed or dismiss, that people remember. Like baking cookies around the holidays, songs your mom would sing to you, sending a thoughtful card, etc. It wasn’t the big and grand accomplishments that people had memories around, it was the small every day details of life.

Modern Legacy was born from that idea, living a life focused on the small simple but meaningful details.

Modern Legacy Paper Company

Modern Legacy Paper Company

New Product Packaging 

Another thing we're really excited about with the rebrand to Modern Legacy Paper Company is our new product packaging! We've been wanting to upgrade our packaging for quite some time and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

As we designed the packaging, our focus was the overall experience of wax sealing. Wax sealing is a slow and meaningful process and we wanted you to be reminded of that each time you took out your wax seal stamp kit.

Modern Legacy Paper Company

Modern Legacy Paper Company

Where We're Going 

Seville Lettering Company started with Katie teaching in-person hand lettering classes. Later she developed a few art prints to sell and giveaway at her classes. Then she decided to develop a full product line of art prints, greeting cards and wax seal stamps. 

After stepping away from teaching in person classes and focusing more on selling products through our online store and markets, we realized there was a great opportunity to sell our products. While our products were still hand lettered, we wanted our new brand to encompass more than that. We're excited about the flexibility that the new brand will provide us long term. 

Modern Legacy Paper Company

We're so excited about our new brand and hope you all love it as much as we do. We wouldn't be where we are without all of your love, support and feedback. Cheers!

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